Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke e-cigarettes are the first products I have tried recently, but they are a company that has entered the market in an explosive way. They obviously want to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing high-quality e-cigarettes to quickly capture the market share of large companies. With Bull Smoke, you can purchase a basic starter kit for a low price of $59. It provides everything you need to get started and is great when considering costs. For those who are not sure if you would like vaping compared to regular tobacco products, a 365-day money back guarantee is also available. I’m not sure if this is a big selling point for us in Australia, because if we don’t think it’s right for us, we need to pay extra for the shipment of Bull Smoke back to the US. Bull Smoke has a very nice portable charging kit that will surely appeal to those who go out and need to charge their batteries on the go. Most importantly, they can choose from three different types of batteries to ensure you get the size that fits your needs. Full Bull Smoke is coming soon!

Ever Smoke

Ever Smoke is a newcomer to the market, but was brought to us to buy the same company that sold South Beach Smokes in the US for several years. The company knows what it has done in terms of branding, and their products are definitely worth a look. They are known for their durable batteries, which are as good as other products on the market. Ever Smoke’s most popular starter kit is a bit cheaper than Green Smoke, but it doesn’t come with USB cigarettes, and they cost more to ship to Australia. In my opinion, this makes Green Smoke a better choice.

Green smoke

Green Smoke has been my favorite e-cigarette for almost three years. I found this product to be on the market for only a few months, when I was tired of cigarettes that leaked throughout the place, with rubbish vapor and unpleasant taste. Green Smoke is a revelation because its unique (at the time) 2-piece design means you no longer have to worry about changing the nebulizer regularly to ensure a pleasant atomizing experience.

Last year, the company’s Flavormax smoke generators ensured that they stayed ahead of the curve. For those living in Australia, if you want to get an electronic cigarette containing nicotine, there is no better option. Not only is this e-cigarette the best in terms of quality, but it also offers very economical shipping compared to other US suppliers.