When I arrived in Australia at the end of 2010, I was horrified to find that it was not legal to sell nicotine-containing e-cigarettes in this country. The only equipment I can get from an Australian supplier is nicotine-free, which defeats the use of this tobacco substitute.

As a long-time user of these products, I did my research and imported my favorite e-cigarettes from American manufacturers, and with the current strength of the Australian dollar, I can get what I need at a cheap price. E-Cigarette Review Australia is my attempt to educate smokers who want to switch from tobacco, there are other options, not the useless nicotine cigarettes available locally.

After three years of hard work, I know that there is something to make e-cigarette worth buying. Therefore, it makes sense to read my comments before buying to make sure you don’t waste cash on things you won’t use.